This is the exact formula I have used to generate leads Over 5,000 Leads

without any complex systems or funnels. And it only takes 20-30 minutes to setup

How To Generate Hot Leads

That Actually Respond

& Qualify Themselves Into Becoming A Customer

Even If You Don't Have An Offer Or Big Following!

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Here's A Secrets The Gurus Don't Want You Too Know...

You Don't Need Complex Systems & Funnels

To Generate Hot Leads

This Anti-Offer strategy works 24/7.

You don't need some crazy big scary offer that has a guarantee.

It is possible to just offer something of value, something of interest to them first.

Without sacrificing or giving everything away.

And the cool part is you still get name, phone and email.

The truth is most people do not buy off of those crazy scary offers right away.

But your lead cost goes up because now your competing with everyone else who has an “OFFER”.

Research shows it takes around 7-26 interactions to get someone to buy when they see your brand.

So I put it to the test.

I personally spent my own money on ads the last 14 months testing different strategies.

And this one worked way better compared to anything else.

And the only difference is I switched the sequence of 1 piece if content.

Instead of saying I will get you x results for x cost get my offer.

I did this.

I showcased my expertise to build trust and authority first.

Then I offered to give them something that looked, sounded and demonstrated value based off the content.

Then I asked a question that resulted in them self qualifying to become a customer without asking if they wanted to be a customer.

If you want to see how I built out this exact campaign, process in action so you can use it.

On a whim before deciding to build a traditional funnel I decided to create value driven assets to build trust & authority instead of doing the same as everyone else

Case Study 1: $2.47 Leads!

Case Study 2: $1.35 Leads!

I wanted to be able to generate quality leads

without having to create some crazy, outlandish offer

that everyone else was doing

What You Get Today!

  • (Value $197) The ANTI OFFER How to build & launch your own value driven asset fast... and start generating hot leads!

  • (Value $97) Offer Launch Sequence Map the exact step by step blueprint to get your offer in front of customers

  • (Priceless) Fast Lead Response ... how to get leads to actually respond and show interest without wasting time on tire kickers

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